"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

These timeless words by Margaret Meade inform the decision to run with the vision of Children that Change the World. For us, the term "children" is inclusive of teenagers since they are daring, adventurous, innovative and curious. We are of the opinion that every child is a world changer; the only limiting factor will be the access such child has to the necessary tools and support system he or she needs to achieve this. CTCTW's goal is to make such access available to every child beginning from Ogbomoso, Nigeria to the rest of the world.

We believe in the excellent possibilities that lie in children of all ages, and we celebrate these young minds who would not allow their ages limit them from doing great things. Through various programs, we host spectacular children and ensure their recognition as the resiliently creative souls they are.



CTCTW Radio Broadcast

  • Parrot FM 101.1MHz
  •  Ogbomoso
  • Saturdays: 03.30 PM - 04.00 PM
The Children that Change the World radio broadcast is the medium we use to reach and equip more than 10000 underserved Nigerian children with critical and creative thinking skills that would secure their relevance in the 21st Century’s Knowledge Economy.

Teennovate Africa

  • On-going
  •  The Lab
  • TBA
Teennovate Africa's vision is to build an army of coders for the emerging economy of Africa. We seek to achieve this via mobilizing teenagers and youths for the code culture, raise talents, mentor talents, create communities and build a legacy.

Ogbomoso Innovation Challenge

  • 16 June, 2018
  •  Jokodolu Foundation Hall
  • 08.00 AM - 04.00 PM

Summer of Code

  • August 6 - September, 2018
  •  The Lab
  • 08.30 AM - 05.30 PM
Is a 4-week intensive training in Android/Web development coupled with critical thinking classes. It is organized for secondary school students of all classes during the long summer holiday.

CTCTW Book Club

  • Commencing Soon
  •  The Lab
  • Sundays: 04.00 PM - 05.30 PM

AgriVate Club

  • Commences October 24, 2018
  •  Participating Schools
  • Twice Weekly: 02.30 PM - 03.30 PM
AgriVate Club is committed to teaching younger generations what modern agriculture is and how to practice it. We are strategically raising the banner of agriculture amongst Nigerian teenagers (secondary school students) to eradicate poverty and malnutrition



I learned a lot of things today; I now know that I can think outside the box and I can change the world. I was also challenged because connecting 9 dots with only four lines was not easy, but when the instructor taught us how to do it, I was so amazed. I learned about many things; I learned what critical thinking is, about William Kamkwamba, the Wright brothers and how to rule my world, etc.
Adegoke Bernice - King Of Kings School, Ogbomoso.
CTCTW has opened me up to a new world of learning. The radio programme really shocked me with the reality that I had not been thinking as I ought to. I was motivated to start thinking beyond normal circumstances. Almost six months after I won the first ever CTCTW scholarship, I was accepted for an internship at Ennovate Lab as a fulfilment of the promise made to me by the Ennovate Lab team.
Praise Adeniran
I learned that I should think outside the box because I have the ability and capacity to do so. I realized that I can solve problems and that I can be creative by looking around me.​
Adejumobi Peace. George Green Baptist College, Ogbomoso.

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"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

With just $30, we can reach more than 10000 students weekly with the non-negotiable higher order thinking skills they need to have relevant futures.

Together, we can make this happen.